RTSS 2021

Accepted Brief Presentations

Accepted WiP Papers

  1. Work-in-Progress: Automatically Generated Response-Time Proofs as Evidence of Timeliness
    Marco Maida, Sergey Bozhko and Björn Brandenburg
  2. Work-in-Progress: Evaluating Task Dropping Strategies for Overloaded Real-Time Systems
    Yiqin Gao, Guillaume Pallez, Yves Robert and Frédéric Vivien
  3. Work-in-Progress: Evaluation Framework for Self-Suspending Schedulability Tests
    Mario Guenzel, Harun Teper, Kuan-Hsun Chen, Georg von der Brüggen and Jian-Jia Chen
  4. Work-In-Progress: Reinforcement Learning-based DAG Scheduling Algorithm in Clustered Many-Core Platform
    Atsushi Yano and Takuya Azumi
  5. Work-in-Progress: Enabling Secure Boot for Real-Time Restart-Based Cyber-Physical Systems
    Sena Hounsinou, Vijay Kumar Banerjee, Chunhao Peng, Monowar Hasan and Gedare Bloom
  6. Work-in-Progress: Improving Resilience of Distributed Real-Time Applications via Security and Fault Tolerance Co-Design
    Wei Jiang, Xinke Liao, Jinyu Zhan and Ke Jiang
  7. Work-in-Progress: Cooling by Core-idling: Thermal-aware Thread Scheduling for Mobile Multicore Processors
    Srijeeta Maity, Anirban Ghose, Soumyajit Dey, Sangyoung Park and Samarjit Chakraborty
  8. Work-in-Progress: Partial-Order Reduction in Reachability-based Response-Time Analyses
    Sayra Ranjha, Mitra Nasri and Geoffrey Nelissen
  9. Work-in-Progress: Cloud Computing for Time-Triggered Safety-Critical Systems
    Gautam Gala, Javier Castillo Rivera and Gerhard Fohler
  10. Work-in-Progress: Run-time pWCET estimation and quality monitoring
    Federico Reghenzani, Filippo Sciamanna and William Fornaciari
  11. Work-In-Progress: Models and tools to detect Real-Time Scheduling Anomalies
    Blandine Djika, Singhoff Frank, Alain Plantec and Georges Edouard Kouamou
  12. Work-In-Progress: Worst-Case Response Time of Intersection Management Protocols
    Radha Reddy, Luís Almeida, Miguel Gaitan, Harrison Kurunathan, Pedro Santos and Eduardo Tovar
  13. Work-in-Progress: Analysis of TSN Time-aware Shapers using Schedule Abstraction Graphs
    Srinidhi Srinivasan, Geoffrey Nelissen and Reinder J. Bril

Accepted WaP Papers

  1. Work-already-Published: Linear-time admission control for elastic scheduling
    Marion Sudvarg, Chris Gill and Sanjoy Baruah
  2. Work-already-Published: Integrated Scheduling of Real-time and Interactive Tasks for Configurable Industrial Systems
    Suhyeon Yoo, Yewon Jo and Hyokyung Bahn
  3. Work-already-Published: Reconstruction of Traffic Flow Dynamics Data Obtained from Intelligent Real-Time Systems
    Marina Yashina, Alexander Tatashev and Ivan Kuteynikov
  4. Work-already-Published: Supporting Non-blocking Frame-Preemption in TSN Networks
    Mohammad Ashjaei, Mikael Sjodin and Saad Mubeen