RTSS 2021

Accepted Artifact Evaluations

  1. A middleware protocol for time-critical wireless communication of large data samples
    Jonas Peeck, Mischa Möstl, Rolf Ernst and Tasuku Ishigooka
  2. Cluster-based Network Time Synchronization for Resilience with Energy Efficiency
    Nitin Shivaraman, Patrick Schuster, Saravanan Ramanathan, Arvind Easwaran and Sebastian Steinhorst
  3. A ROS 2 Response-Time Analysis Exploiting Starvation Freedom and Execution-Time Variance
    Tobias Blass, Daniel Casini, Sergey Bozhko and Björn Brandenburg
  4. Enumeration and Deduction Driven Co-Synthesis of CCSL Specifications Using Reinforcement Learning
    Ming Hu, Jiepin Ding, Min Zhang, Frederic Mallet and Mingsong Chen
  5. Conditionally Optimal Parallelization of Real-Time DAG Tasks for Global EDF
    Youngeun Cho, Dongmin SHIN, Jaeseung Park and Chang-Gun Lee
  6. TimeWall: Enabling Time Partitioning for Real-Time Multicore+Accelerator Platforms
    Tanya Amert, Zelin Tong, Sergey Voronov, Joshua Bakita, Don Smith and Jim Anderson
  7. Event-Triggered and Time-Triggered Duration Calculus for Model-Free Reinforcement Learning
    Kalyani Dole, Ashutosh Gupta, John Joko, Shankara Narayanan Krishna and Ashutosh Trivedi